the flower that can't be tamed.

I was doing some shopping when I realised, all of my favourite beauty products contain one beautiful ingredient: ROSES! I knew I instantly wanted to share them with you! I hope you'll enjoy them too! I particularly love my Chanel blush, it's definitely worth the price and has already lasted over a year! More so, there's something utterly romantic about my Chloé parfum. I had originally purchased it for my mother many years ago, because she loves the smell of roses, but have found myself so in love with it! I'm asking my husband for the BYTERRY lip balm AND the Neal's Yard beauty balm this Christmas as a stocking stuffer. And, finally, I had to tell you about my friend Helen, of Bels Flowers, who is the master of gorgeous floral arrangements. I should really start calling her, "The Queen of Roses" because she's magnificent at arranging them. Oh, what a truly, wonderful flower that certainly cannot be tamed! - Kat Flynn 

claire newman-williams photography.

I have new headshots!! WA (to the) HOO!! I feel like it's starting to feel more and more official now, I am an actress. I used to say it apologetically. But, after catching myself saying it like that, like I was -apologizing- for being an actress, I now say it with the utmost confidence. I AM AN ACTRESS. [Who sings quite well and loves to design and blog. Oh and who loves her soulmate and lifetime partner, John. AND who wants a dog, quite badly.]

Yes my friends, I'm owning it now.

So, it was time for some new headshots, like, professional headshots. After months of looking through potential photographers, I went with Claire of  Claire Newman-Williams Photography. If you've googled her name before, you might've come across a particular blog post. (It particularly mentioned photographers and their fees.) Had it not been for this particular blog post, I don't know if I would have ever found her! So, thanks blogger guy!

Firstly, what I like about Claire's style is that it's natural and traditional, but with an edge. I like that it was just me and a white backdrop; or me and a black backdrop. The funny thing is, I kind of chose her because I liked her photos against the white, but when it came to choosing my main headshot, I LOVED the shots against the black backdrop! Love, love, love, LOVE!

As for the day of the shoot, I liked that all I had to do that morning was wash my face and simply turn up to the studio. Kate, the make up artist, did all of my hair and make up. Do you know how nice it is not to have to worry about stuff like that?? SUPER nice. Not to mention the rapport between Claire and Kate helped me feel a little more relaxed. Like I was showing up to a mini-social. If oooonly I had brought some cake. Yumm.

Overall, I'm extremely pleased I went with Claire for my headshots. I am particularly pleased with the printing of them. Turns out my home printer will be going into retirement. Yep, I'm going pro. [Puts on some 1980s sunglasses; pops up the white collar and cooly turns around, like walking off into the distance, cool.]

Wish me luck! Let's do this!

pico de gallo.

Oh how the English summer continues to taunt me! One weekend it's the gorgeous sunshine, the next torrential rain. I must admit, I LOVE THE DRAMA OF IT! On the other hand, I had to revisit some of my winter clothing. Not cool. Not cool at all. 

On that note, a couple of weekly veg boxes ago, we received these nice round tomatoes and onions. Because the sun was out, and with the anticipation of the World Cup, I decided to make some pico de gallo. I love this stuff. One bite and I'm home. 

Here's what I like about it: 

1. It's super easy to make. 
2. It's delicious with fish, chicken, pork, avocado, basically any kind of taco. 
3. It's a great little salsa on its own. 
4. Add some mashed avocado and baby, you've got GUACAMOLE!

[Cue the Mariachi band from the Dorito's commercial]

Alright, alright. Here's the recipe:

Kat's Pico de Gallo

Serves 2. 

2 palm sized tomatoes, diced and deseeded. 
1/2 of medium onion (or one small one) finely, and I mean finely, diced
1 garlic clove
1 lime
1 small bunch of cilantro (coriander), chopped
salt & pepper

  1. Dice the tomatoes & onion. Place into a bowl. (I like to cup the tomatoes in my hand and drain all of the juices from it. I don't like a soggy pico.)
  2. Over the bowl, grate the garlic clove. 
  3. Cut the lime & squeeze the juices into the bowl of tomatoes+onion+garlic.
  4. Roughly chop the bunch of cilantro and add to the bowl. 
  5. Season with salt & pepper.
  6. Taste & adjust to your taste buds. (ex. Add some more tomato, onion, more coriander/less coriander, etc)
  7. BONUS: If you're wanting to make some good guacamole- in a bowl mash an avocado with a fork. You want it to be really, ripe & soft. Then, add the pico. VOILÀ! Delicious homemade guacamole. Yummy. 

Serve with corn chips. Personally, in England, I prefer the Dorito's lightly salted. They're nothing close to the ones back in Texas, but to me, they do the trick!


my super fancy business cards.

Thanks to Jacqui at Print for the Love of Wood for these beautiful things. For those of you whom haven't the slightest clue what letterpress even means, it's a style of printing dating back to the 15th century! It leaves an impression on the paper and feels so wonderful. 

One of my favorite demonstrations come from SugarPaper, a paper boutique in Los Angeles. [Letterpress printing video] Each one needs to be hand placed. It tends to cost more than your average digital print, but it makes all the difference in the world! 

So here we see my handwritten logo, by yours truly, inked and pressed onto my new business cards. LOVE. I am so in love with them. 

Thank you Jax!